Chocolates or red roses always does the trick on Valentine’s Day, but if you’re newly engaged this year’s February 14 check out our idea to double celebrate your love!


Book a special place for you two

Use Valentine’s Day as a chance to remember why you’re getting married. Take a trip down memory lane back to where it all began. Make a reservation at the restaurant where you first said “I love you,” rent a copy of the movie you saw on one of those first few dates, or head back to the spot where the two of you got engaged.

If you’re getting married this summer, chances are you’ve already deep into planning your wedding and could use a break. So why not turn Valentine’s Day into a pre-honeymoon? If you are looking for a quick getaway for Valentine’s day, in Italy there is a perfect place to be. Terni, in Umbria is most visited city in this special date!

But why Terni is so popular on St.Valentine’s Day? What many people don’t know is that S.Valentine was Umbrian and Terni is the City of Lovers (La Città degli Innamorati)!


In terni there is the Cathedral dedicated to this Saint, where you can find his tomb. Inside the cathedral, that was built on the remains of a medieval temple, you can see love letters coming from all over the world, the famous Valentines. 


In February Terni hosts the Feast of Promised, where lovebirds ask for a blessing for their union.

And after?

Buy a box of little Valentine cards and write one reason why you love her or him, or a favorite shared memory, on each one.

Book a full-day spa treatments. Get massages, scrubs, manicures, and pedicures—and don’t forget to hit up the sauna or whirlpool!

And in the evening….book a special restaurants or, even better, a cooking class!

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