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A classic solitaire, an halo ring design, a three stone ring? Gold, silver or platinum? A diamond or a coloured stone? There are so many types of engagement ring!!! To help you in that, here is our guide to picking an engagement ring she'll love!  

If you need help to find a ring worthy of your eternal love, you are in the right place!

Happy National Proposal Day!!!

When we meet a new couple the first quension we answer is “Haw was your propose?” And after “Can we see your engagement ring?” We are too curious!!!

We know there is one important component to popping the question that stumps many a would-be proposer … choosing the right ring!

Valentina talks about her future engagement rings thousand times every DAY and we know for sure that every guy feels an intense pressure to get it right.

A classic solitaire, an halo ring design, a three stone ring? Gold, silver or platinum? A diamond or a coloured stone? There are so many types!!!

To help you in that, here is our guide to picking an engagement ring she’ll love!


Since you’re planning to marry her, you probably know your girlfriend well. But for some men, that doesn’t necessarily translate to a clear understanding of a woman’s tastes and preferences. So do a little research!

Pay attention to her style

If she loves timeless style, if she wears pearls every day, if she collect cashmere cardigans maybe she will aprecciate a classic solitaire! Solitaires, which are rings that feature one center diamond, are the most popular style for engagement rings. The most traditional solitaire features a plain metal band. For a touch more glamour, add a row of diamond accents on the band. Three stone engagement rings are another prevalent alternative to the traditional solitaire.

Pay attention to the pieces of jewelry she wears the most

If she never wears yellow gold, that’s probably a good sign that it can be struck off the list of possibilities for the engagement ring. If she prefer small and simple jewelry avoid an halo design.

Scope out her social media

If your girlfriend has a Pinterest account, that can be a goldmine of information about what sparks her fancy. She might even have a whole board devoted to rings! Take a look in our Pinterest page for some ideas.

Look at her style in other aspects of her life

Is your girlfriend a nature lover or someone who is happiest outdoors? Ring settings with organic elements in their designs such as leaves, vines, and flowers may suit her well.

For an active woman, consider a setting that holds the diamond lower to the hand.

If she loves retro fashion, she may love a vintage-style engagement ring. Consider ring settings that feature milgrain details, filigree or scrollwork patterns, intricate galleries, or dainty bands.

Likewise, if she’s into modern, minimal style, she would probably love something clean and sleek. Look at sculptural rings – rings that experiment with non-traditional forms. Consider a bezel setting – a thin metal band that hugs the diamond all the way around its girdle. If she wants to forgo the traditional center diamond altogether, consider a wide band ring with beautiful detail. Add sparkle with diamond or gemstone accents.


We know that sometimes it’s difficult to organize a private meeting with someone without she know it 🙂 but…get her mom, sister, or close friend to do the research with you. They probably had an engagement rings conversation with her before!


Take her to a jewelry store to look around. Maybe you’re getting the battery in your watch changed, maybe you’re buying HER a sweet little gift. Whatever the reason, make it a low stress trip where you can wander together and look at all the bling.


If you feel unsure or overwhelmed, consider selecting a diamond but proposing with a temporary engagement setting. This approach allows her to select her own perfect setting. Women take part in over 60% of engagement ring decisions, so rest assured you are not alone.

If you follow the suggestions above, you’ll be in a great position to thoughtfully choose a ring that is suited to your girlfriend. But for added insurance, talk to the jeweler about their policy on exchanges. Many jewelers are super flexible in this area and will be happy to allow you to come back with your fiancée to swap the setting out. Since she’ll probably be wearing this ring every day for the rest of her life, it never hurts to have that added assurance that she’ll have an engagement ring she loves!

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