Oh, friends, we are so excited to share this Villa Pianciani wedding with you today! It‚Äôs hard for us to believe that this was an hot summer day! Now everything is frozen under the snow ūüôā

People ask us all the time if we shoot a lot of destination weddings, and the answer is YES. We shoot A LOT of destination weddings… without ever leaving our country! Italy is a huge destination for so many couples who live around the world, and it’s probably one of the only places where you could have gorgeous weddings in every season!

Lisa and Serkan planned their summer wedding here from Washington, and thanks to the incredible expertise and eye of Rita, Villa Pianciani‘s manager, the day was flawless from start to finish. From the gorgeous florals by Sartoria Floreale to the custom menu by Apollinare Catering, every single detail of the day felt like it was straight out of a magazine. We were in photographer heaven.

But what stuck out to us most was the incredible love, warmth and sincerity of Lisa, Serkan and everyone around them. The second we arrived at the Villa, Lisa‚Äôs mom, who we‚Äôd never had the chance to meet in person, greeted us with a huge hug and smile that made us feel like family. Lisa‚Äôs bridesmaids were each so sweet and genuinely excited to be a part of each moment of their day. During the reception, you could FEEL the love and closeness shared not just by the couple, but by every single person.

Lisa and Serkan, thank you for allowing us to be part of your family for the day. It was truly an honor, and we’re so excited for you to see a few of our many favorites!


Wow, what a beautiful wedding and beautiful bride. Congratulations you forever lovebirds!
Cem Dayin

They are a really sweet couple! It was a lovely day!!!

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