04/25/2018 / Destination Wedding, Engagement, Travels

Peonies Engagement Session Location - Viterbo

For all peonies lovers!!! Did you ever think about an engagement session in a peonies park?

During our off season we LOVE to scout new locations for engagement sessions around us. Yesterday we went to Viterbo, Lazio to see the Centro Botanico Moutan!

We adore to garden around the house and we plant several Dalihas and Peonies every year. Just one hour and half from home there is this giant collection of Peonies! Set in the midst of nature, the rare collection of peonies stretches as far as the eye can see over an area of fifteen hectares!

The park brings together over 250,000 peonies plants and, in addition to the peonies, between April and May, you can witness the flowering of the wisteria, which provide shade and heady perfumes during their visit.

Spring is the perfect season to plan a visit in Italy and a portrait session! 

What’s your favourite flower?

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