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How to look great in Your Wedding Photos

Some simple tips to look great in your wedding photos!

We’ve all seen those wedding photos where the couple looks effortlessly amazing, relaxed, and absolutely radiant with happiness. Every time a couple is in front of our camera they say “Sorry, we aren’t models”. For those of us who aren’t accustomed to striking a pose in front of the camera on a regular basis, figuring out how to take wedding photos can be a bit daunting. That’s why hiring a professional wedding photographer is so important. A professional photographer will ensure that you and your spouse look incredible, even if you’re feeling super-awkward, but there are a few things you can do.  Here few suggestions that can help you to look great in your wedding photos!

Take engagement photos

In our basic package we offer an Engagement Session. Scheduling an engagement session is the best way for the practice. It’s amazing how much more confident a couple is if they have already had a bit of practice in front of a professional camera. It also allows you to get to know your photographer and build the trust that is needed on the big day. Plus you can see the final result before the wedding and chose which pose you prefer.


Sometimes, small changes make the biggest difference. When we’re posing two people in front of the camera, one of the most important things to us is making sure our subjects look comfortable and close. That’s always a little easier when we’re posing editorially. But what about traditional portraits? The photos of two people just looking at the camera and smiling. These are the photos that every client wants. They usually become the profile pictures.

Our super simple posing tip that can make a big difference is “physical connection”! We always encourage our couples to maintain some kind of physical connection when being photographed, like having the groom’s hands around his bride’s waist. Physical connection creates an intimate feeling.

Comfort over style

If you do not wear high heels on a regular basis you should rethink them for the wedding day. Part of enjoying your wedding day is comfort, so wear shoes with heel heights that you normally wear. You will look great in your photos even with flat shoes 😀

Do the Walk Shoot

This is one of our must-to-have pose! It’s simple and natural. It always looks natural because it is natural. We really like taking pictures when the couple look each other on the eye and really feel why they are together.

Don’t worry about rain

It’s the biggest fear of every bride. We think every couple’s hope is that it won’t rain on their wedding day, but sometimes it can happen!We promise having rain on your wedding day will not ruin your photos! Don’t be afraid of a little rain! Some of my prettiest photographs have been taken while it’s been raining! Here you can find some tip on HOW TO PREPARE FOR A RAINY DAY WEDDING

Enjoy the moment

We love when couples can laugh and have fun during their portrait session so we encourage them to just be themselves! We will even suggest that one of them whisper something to the other to make them laugh and feel comfortable.

Enjoy this moment is the best way to look great in photos!


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