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Now we provide a complete wedding cost guide on how much a wedding in Italy costs with estimated wedding prices about your wedding vendors and wedding services to help you understand what to expect when you are planning a destination wedding in Italy. 

One of the first questions arising for brides and grooms is that how much it costs to get married in Italy. Italy is always a top destination for international weddings. The food is great, the climate is (often) perfect and you can choose between lots of possibilies! From beach to villa, from castle to open field, you can find everything you want here! We often receive mails about

how much a wedding in Italy costs

On average italian weddings with 150 guests cost nearly 30,000 euro, but what about a destination wedding?

Different expenses like accomodations, fly tickets can grow your budget…different traditions and a different language can intimidate you, but don’t worry!

Now we provide a complete wedding cost guide on how much a wedding in Italy costs with estimated wedding prices about your wedding vendors and wedding services to help you understand what to expect when you are planning a destination wedding in Italy.

Knowing all the details, from the average price of a wedding venue to the average wedding photographer cost, will help ensure you create a wedding budget you can actually stick to.


First of all you need to choose which part of Italy fits best your desire. In the North a lot of couples choose Lake Como or Lake Iseo. There are beautiful landscapes, mountains, small villages around lakes. In the centre there is Tuscany, maybe the most famous destination wedding location. Golden land, green rolling hills, small villages where drink a good wine. Southern Italy is well know for the costline. Amalfi and  Ravello are on top!

Some Italian areas are more exclusive and pricey. Most know is a location most expensive would be. We found that a wedding in a famous Italian Villa on Como Lake or a terrace in Amalfi would be really expensive and you can easly spend the double of your budget just for the location!


From April to October are the best months to have your wedding in Italy. The weather is mild and you can find a lot of option. August is really hot and it’s vacantion time for locals. You can have problems to find some vendors. Winter months are often cold and rainy, but if you choose Southern Italy you can find a better weather.

We are based in Umbria, maybe one of the cheapest Italian region, but we can easly give you some average prices.


 Your main expenses would be the reception, which averagely costs, depending on the location and the number of the guests, 100-200 euros/person.

Italy is famous for food, right? During an Italian wedding this is the most important thing. We eat A LOT, more than you can immagine. A traditional Italian wedding reception include: Aperitivo (with drinks and appetizer), two primo piatto (pasta or rice), at least one secondo piatto (meat with vegetables), wedding cake and a dessert table.

Prices depend on how many courses you will have, if you choose seasonal food, if you want organic ingredients and on other things.

Talk about wines with your catering while discuss prices! You can find more informations on our post HOW MUCH DOES WEDDING CATERING COST?


 Villa, Country House, Castle, Borgo…there are so many options! We found that our couples chose a venue where they can live for the entire stay. If you rent the whole venue maybe you can save the rental fee. Choose a venue that can easly host ALL your guest,even in case of rain.

If you need a location just for the wedding you can spent between 1 500 to 10 000 euro.


Please! Hire a professional! Of course, you’ll have to pay to have your hair and makeup done, but it is certainly worth it. The average wedding hair and makeup cost in tItaly is around 400 euro, but typically ranges from 150 to 800 euro depending on both your location and the intricacy of the wedding hair or makeup style you’d like.


Depending on your style and needs, your wedding flowers cost will vary, but the average cost of wedding flowers in Italy is around 2 500 euro with most couples spending between 1 200 and 3 000. Note that there is a wide range for the cost of wedding flowers, which is based on both where you’re getting married as well as the types and quantities of flowers you want for your wedding day.

A lot of couple think that the prices are super high but you need to keep in mind that Italy doesn’t produce flowers. Italy import all flowers from Belgium, Holland or tropical places.

Wedding Cake

Depending on the size and decoration an average cake can cost 7-10 euro/person.

Wedding transportation

Booking wedding transportation is important to ensures that you and your guests will arrive to your wedding events on time and safely. The average wedding bus and wedding car cost varies depending on your location, the type of vehicle you’re renting, and the number of hours. You can rent a small car like a 500 fiat for 500 euro

Open bar

Sometimes it’s included in your catering price but if you want something more add 10 euro/person on your budget.


Hiring a good professional photographer is important if images are a must for you! The most of the times price gives you the idea of the quality service. Consider that photographers will not only be working the day of your wedding, but they will be working days and months for the post production of your pictures. An average price may be 2 000 euro How much does a wedding photographer cost in Italy?


The administrative costs of a wedding in Italy are not really high. You will need to sign a Nulla Osta (civil document for foreign citizens) that costs around 50 euro, then buy a legal stamp for 15 euro in order to seal it. If you decide to get your Atto Notorio (attested affidavit) in Italy, you will also need to pay an additional amount. During the ceremony you will be required to have a translator present and should also budget for this fee. For both the civil and religious ceremony you will need to pay a ceremony fee (250-800 euro). This varies from location to location, so make sure to ask before making a reservation.


For Save the Date, invitation, menu, placecards and thank you cards you can spend around 800 euro

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