12/23/2018 /

Happy Holidays guys!!!

Happy holiday from our little family!

Noticeable change happening in our life right now. It’s called “The End of Wedding Season in Italy”. It’s the time of the year when things begin to slow down a bit…maybe just for me because Daniel is in Melbourne for his winter wedding season 😀

I and Poldo start going to bed at a decent hour… and sure, there is still a ton to be done but it’s more manageable.  I have time to work on albums, hunker down on big projects with my new partner in crime Francesca and still end the workday before 6pm.

The GREATEST part of winter is that I have several WORK FREE DAYS! Isn’t that wonderful?! I’m trying to get better at turning my “work” mind off when it’s after hours. If you’re a small business owner…. it’s hard to do.

 Wish you a Merry Christmas from our little family!! I hope this day is full of love and laughter and that you make amazing memories with your friends and family!!!