Every time I need to write something about my job and my passions I often returned to the same questions.

What’s about photography moves me? Why I choose photography over any other profession?

In a constantly changing market these questions are important to understand the reason behind what I do every day.


I started shooting film one year ago and I felt it was the greatest thing thatIi ever did in photography.

I bought my first light meter(sekonic l-358) and my first film camera, a Contax645, inspired by Jose Villa, and one pack of fuji 400h. (I use to buy Fuji 400h from Amazon follow this link)

After waiting the shipment for 2 weeks my lovely camera was at home. That day was like Christmas! 

I opened the big box and inside there were other 5 boxes!!! I was really in rush, I quickly opened everything and I assembled the camera.


After that I tried to load the film back but at the end I checked few tutorials on youtube, just to make sure that what I did was correct 🙂

I woke up the day after early morning and went out. I shot few landscapes around home, animals chickens and goats mostly. In the late morning I bring this roll to a local store here and I wait one week to see the result.

That was the longest week in my life! The result was not the best, my fault, but the good thing was the camera was working correctly!

There was some blurry photo some out of focus and just few good 🙂

From that day I started to study film photography and to shoot just few rolls every wedding, as training for me and gift for my couples.

And now… after One year practicing and two months in Philippine shooting almost every day film, developing, scan all my rolls and also printing in the darkroom I’m feeling more comfortable (thank you Francis Perez and Sunny16Lab) and I can proudly say: Film is not dead!


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