You are engaged! Finally he propose to you. You are thinking about an amazing Destination Wedding in Italy with your closest friends and your family. We bet you’re super excited and you start searching for wedding inspiration on Pinterest, Etsy, wedding blogs and wedding magazines, right? There are millions of different wedding ideas for you to choose from, and for this reason alone, we bet the excitement of wedding planning quickly turned to horror when you realised that there is a lot of hard work to do.

One of the best decisions that some of our couples made during their engagement was hiring a professional wedding planner. We know you need someone to help you plan and coordinate many aspects of your wedding day especially if you plan a Destination Wedding in Italy! 

From helping you find a venue to coordinating your vendors to making sure your guest know where they need to be at all times, professional wedding planner is invaluable on a wedding day! 

Here some aspect you need to valutate



Professional wedding planners worked with dozens of different vendors. They know our prices and their contracts better than you and they can negotiate a better rate or some additional inclusions for you.

They keeping track of your day to day expenses to stay on your budget and they will ensure that nothing goes to waste.


Plan a wedding takes more time you think. All the times we talk with our couple they said “We didn’t know the whole process required all that time!”

If you prefer save some hours and some stress and you prefer to spend that time planning your dreamy homeymoon a professional wedding planner is all you need!

If you plan a Destination Wedding in Italy maybe you will not be able to meet all your vendors but your wedding planner already know them.

The average wedding uses somewhere around 10-15 vendors by the time you have a wedding photographer, cake designer, venue, caterer, florist, makeup artist, hairdresser, celebrant, hire company, transportation, stationery designer… the list just goes on and on and on. Imagine trying to organise contracts, negotiations, schedule appointments, and payments for all of these important vendors. Your wedding planning will be your personal hero!


We suggest you to have an Ispiration Board but after?

You probably will struggle to bring that vision to life.  Leave it to the professionals and you’ll get an outcome that will really wow you! If your ideas are too confused or you just have no idea what you want! In this case your wedding planner can help you to find your personal style! Your wedding planner’s first step will be to speak with you as a couple and get to know you, so you can get clear with your wedding vision.


The main task of the wedding planner is to eliminate stress to the couple. What happens if a vendor decides to abandon you a few days after the wedding? It can happen!

Family and friends can not help you in certain situations but surely your wedding planner will know how to act.

During the process If you still need to work, and want to have free time without worrying about every last detail of your wedding in every conversation for 12 months, then a wedding planner is essential.  

We work really close with wedding planners to ensure we offer the best possible service to our couples. We often become friends with these incredible professionals, especially when we meet people who love their work as we do!

All images from Helena’s works Art’Anna Wedding and Events wedding planner



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It’s always a pleasure to work with Daniel and Valentina. They know how to talk with the bride and the groom and understand what they have to photograph to match the style of the bride and the groom. I am really looking forward to all the upcoming weddings together. Let’s do this!