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Real Wedding - Nica & Filippo winter wedding in Castello di Rosciano

Winter Wedding in Castello di Rosciano, Umbria

Last year in December Nika called me for a big announcement. 2018 is THE year! And 17th February is THE DAY! 

My first reaction was “What?!?! Only two months from now?!?!” But Nica is really special and she planned the whole wedding in less than two months.

She knew that the perfect place was Castello di Rosciano and she knew that her wedding would have been like a fairytale and it was!

We met three days before the wedding at the atelier and I saw her dress for the first time. She was beautiful and the dress was amazing. The blush hues, the sparkles, the little tulle flowers…all was perfect!

She asked me a favor “Would you take my dress in your house until the wedding day?” I was in shock because she believe completely in me and I answered Yes, of course!

After that I was in panic! What can I do if I damage something? And what can I do if someone steal it? And what can I do if Poldo eat the tulle skirt?!? With the biggest fear in my heart I took this beautiful dress an I took it home.

Saturday I woke up early and I took it at the castle as soon as I can! It was my first time I arrived before every guests and even before the bride! My first thought was “dress in safe”!

At the castle I met Roberta and Sara, the florists who arranged flowers all around the small church. I worked with them several times and the whole team work very well together.

When the bride arrived she was so nervous and she was trembling! She was surrounded by close friends and her sweet daughters. Nika have two girls and Filippo other two! A really big family!

Everyone had a role in that day! Asia, the biggest daughter was the maid of honor and the other three were the flower girls!

The ceremony was place in a small church inside the castle and the had a medieval ceremony. It was amazing and everyone was involved!

After fews portraits the reception begun! Guests enjoyed a stunning dinner inside the castle.

After the reception the party started!

 Thank you guys!!!
Thank you guys!!!

Venue: Castello di Rosciano, Umbria

Flowers: Un fiore in tasca

Coordinator: About Wedding

Paper goods: Ideastars

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