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Engagement Session Photography

Now it is common to hear about Engagement sessions. More and more couples are giving big importance to the photographs that will tell their love story and, of course, their wedding day. Engagement ses...

Now it is common to hear about Engagement sessions.


More and more couples are giving big importance to the photographs that will tell their love story and, of course, their wedding day.


Engagement session is a great opportunity for the engaged couple to know how  the photographer they have chosen for their wedding works. The couple can feel more relaxed with the  photographer without the pressure of the wedding day.

They can see the photographer’s style and even to test the amount of time necessary to take high quality shots the wedding’s day.

Some couples decide to invest in this service with different professional photographers, so that they can choose the best for them.

It is very important to feel good with this person because he or she is going to follow you almost every time during the wedding.

We always suggest the Engagement session to future brides as it is a great opportunity to try hair style and make-up.

What’s your style?

When you booking the photographer for your Engagement session it’s better have a clear idea of the style of photographs.

Posing or spontaneous, formal or casual?

And then… Do you have a favorite location?

We prefer a soul place on open air. Maybe a park or a botanic garden.

Sometimes it’s possible to make the Engagement session in the same place of the reception.

Another idea is to shoot at home. We can help you to create a romantic spot into your house.

Some couples choose to have shots taken in different places, for example, the place they had their first date and the first cinema they went to as a couple.

You can choose together with us some unconventional photos, such as holding hands, the engagement ring or close-up shots of facial features.

All the images of your Engagement session will make your photo album much more personalized and full of you.

When is the best time for an Engagement Session?

Most couples think that this service has to be carried out just a few days before the wedding.

We think it’s better organizing this shooting few months before the wedding day.

The couple have time to view the images and choose  the shots they prefer.

This photos can be used for example to make Save the Date cards or gadgets that can be distributed to their guests during the wedding reception.

Engagement Session is a gift the couple make to themselves to celebrate their love.

What to do with these photographs?

The images taken during the engagement Session can be placed in a mini album and coordinated with the main traditional wedding album.

It can be used like guest book.

Individually framed photos are a great way of adding personality to a new house, which can sometimes feel cold and impersonal, especially for the first few months.

We can also design and print invitation cards, save the date cards, decorations for the reception. They can also be used as “Thank you” cards, especially for guests living far away.

Often couples choose a particular theme for their Engagement Session like vintage, modern, romantic or elegant.

If you are thinking of your engagement session please contact us. We can help you to choose the session that best represents your taste.